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Adjunct Employment Placement Services

In-Person and Online and Remote Adjunct Professor Jobs

Finding adjunct employment has never been easier than ever before with FindAdjuncts college matching and placement services. We aim to remove the everyday burden and stress of looking for part-time instructional positions by streamlining the search, application, and hiring process. With our uncomplicated and intuitive onboarding process, you submit all your details and hiring documents once, and we take care of the rest. We connect qualified candidates like yourself with colleges and universities seeking part-time instructional faculty like you.

With our extensive network of colleges, we provide access to adjuncts seeking in-classroom or online adjunct professor job roles so that they can teach in person or remotely based on preference. While the demand for virtual adjunct job applicants rises, so do in-classroom opportunities. And with our growing network of colleges, we have plenty of opportunities to offer that fit your needs.

Click the button below to learn more about our Adjunct Job Placement services, or call us now. Our adjunct placement team members are here to help you with any questions, including how to get started. So take advantage of joining for Free and let the experts at FindAdjuncts help you get in touch with colleges ready to hire you today!

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College Adjunct Faculty Recruitment Services

Find Qualified Adjunct Candidates Ready to be Hired Today

As your adjunct faculty needs grow, so do your challenges and obstacles in finding, hiring, and retaining your adjunct staff. For over 30 years, CEO and Founder Eden Pearson, a former English Professor, staffed composition classes nearly every year in the community colleges where she taught—each year, having to locate upwards of 45 adjuncts per semester. Not only was this a tough job, but also a stressful and time-consuming responsibility. She knew there had to be a better way, so in 2012 FindAdjuncts was created.

Through FindAdjuncts, our platform provides colleges and universities with an easier path to filling their classrooms with qualified part-time instructional staff. Focusing on candidates who meet college and state requirements, we leverage our adjunct placement platform to find, screen, and match suitable candidates best suited for your available adjunct positions—without spending the time, energy, or resources to do so. Instead, please provide us with the details of the types of adjunct candidates you are looking for, and we will use our proprietary adjunct placement services to do the rest. This way, you can focus on interviewing candidates best suited for the role and hiring high-caliber, qualified adjunct professionals ready to enrich the classroom experience at your college or university.

Click the button below to learn more about our College Adjunct Job Placement services, or call us now. Our College Adjunct Placement Team Members are here to help you with any questions, including how to get started. So take advantage of joining for Free and let the experts at FindAdjuncts help you get in touch with adjunct candidates who are ready to be hired by you today!

College Sponsorships and Promotional Opportunities

Coming Soon

Are you looking to get your college or university featured on the FindAdjuncts Network? First, show adjuncts why joining your college or university is their best choice through creative advertising content featured throughout our site. Then, showcase your school and stand out among the rest with our new and upcoming promotional features that get you prominently displayed in front of thousands of adjunct candidates who want to be hired by you. More details are to be released, so keep an eye out for sponsorship and promotional opportunities coming to your FindAdjuncts College Profile soon.

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Whether you are an adjunct professor looking for part-time instructional opportunities, or a college looking to staff your classrooms, FindAdjuncts is here to help! Our adjunct placement services help both adjuncts and colleges save time, energy, and resources when it comes time to fill those vacancies. FindAdjuncts accomplishes this by connecting adjuncts and colleges that best suit each other’s needs. Looking at features such as experience, teaching philosophy, and educational approach allows us to join the best-suited candidates and colleges together. Through this approach, we create more meaningful part-time instructional opportunities, in-person or remote, that create better experiences inside and outside the classroom—building longer-lasting opportunities for adjuncts and colleges.

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